The Gloating Has Already Begun

Apparently my post from last week asking for grace and dignity was completely overlooked by a lot of people (which is not surprising considering my blog is only read by 300 unique visitors a day). On the morn of this most historic occasion, the gloating has already begun. Blog posts have sprung up with gloating and relishing the impending inauguration of Barack Obama. Maybe I was naive to think that the namecalling and insults would end once he was elected. Maybe I am too new to this whole political thing (this being the first election EVER where I have been so motivated to learn about the candidates and just where they stand on issues important to me), and didn’t realize that having “your” candidate win meant that you would figuratively point your finger in the face of someone else and claim superiority with a loud “HA! IN YOUR FACE!”

And heaven forfend anyone say ANYthing remotely critical about Obama’s political platforms. As already displayed this morning from my earlier post, I apparently am not allowed to express my concern over the possibilities. Would people be so critical of me had McCain won and I laid out the same number of concerns over HIS political platforms? Because trust me – if McCain had won I would have laid out slightly different but probably about the same number of concerns about him as well.

Is this what the next four years will be like? Criticizing Bush – THE MAN – became an obsession for some (including my own husband, who every morning as he watched the news would spew at least one invective at the television whenever Bush’s face came on screen). And yet I make a post-election post about the President-Elect’s potential PLATFORMS, I’m criticized and told I’m defensive and need to check myself? How is that appropriate? How is that even the SAME?

In my post last week I also said to give the new POTUS a chance. And I will. But he hasn’t been sworn in yet. As promised, my prayers began as of this morning that he would find wisdom to do the right thing by the people who ushered him into office. I also prayed for Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain, Sarah Palin, and a host of other elected officials who will still be serving this country over the next few years. I didn’t pray critical prayers, but prayers of hope. I’m willing to give the POTUS more than 100 days to prove himself. I’m willing to give him two years before his first report card from me. But much like any college professor, I’m still allowed to provide a syllabus listing the things that *I’m* concerned about as we head into his administration.

I don’t begrudge people being excited that Obama won. The folks who support him have every right to enjoy this victory for whatever reason they chose to vote for him. Heck, if I voted for Obama and he won I’d be pretty excited too.

But I wouldn’t be gloating.
I wouldn’t be rude about it.
And there’s a difference between being EXCITED and being obnoxious. It’s only 11:35 a.m. and I’ve already seen a LOT of obnoxious. Granted, I’ve seen some eloquence and sincerity too – which is refreshing and enjoyable to read.

But I ask anyone who visits here today to read my post from last week about how I had HOPED today’s post-election response would play out. And before you accuse ME of being critical, consider your OWN behavior as you celebrate Obama’s ascension to the most important (and difficult) job in the land and check that you behave with proper decorum befitting any adult human being.

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