The Girls

Last night I met up with The Girls for dinner after work. The Girls are all women at my office that I work(ed) with. I’m the redhead, obviously. Next to me in the back is Mare-Bear, below her is Laura, and below me is Cathleen.

Cathleen is the woman who had a baby six weeks before I had CootieGirl and blissfully went off into MaMaland to raise her adorable little boy. This was her first foray into the city sans child and she had a good time.

Laura is leaving our company and going to Greece for a month, then going to Guatamala for a two-month stint to help a friend start some charity group. Then she plans on going to grad school, possibly in California. I’m convinced she’ll meet some handsome Greek guy on vacation, get married in a week and open up a moped shop with him on the white sandy beaches of Capri, never to return.

We had a great time gossiping about office politics, recommending books to each other, and generally just fussing over one another and how great we all look. We also compared ourselves to those frisky “Sex in the City” gals. I’m Miranda, she of red hair and redheaded moppet at home. Mare-Bear is definitely Carrie – sexy, single, and lovin’ NYC. Laura can only be Charlotte – that’s immediately apparent upon meeting Laura and was a no-brainer decision. So that left poor Cathleen to be slutty Samantha. I felt bad that she was left with that lousy persona, but hey, what can you do? *lol*

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  1. Is there a hidden side to Cathleen that she’s not telling anyone? *lol* Loved the pic of her little boy. That was about a month ago. Wonder what he looks like now.

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