The Funniest 90 Minutes on TV

I’m sure everyone is talking about it this morning. Fox network’s American Idol. Hands down one of the funniest bits of television since I can remember. I don’t know who that Simon character was, but he was MEAN – although cheers to him for telling these deluded people the truth about their skills. At one point my sister called me and said, “This is why I don’t want to be a professional singer – I couldn’t take the audition process!” My sister, by the way, is an EXCELLENT singer and has been told a few hundred times that she should be a professional somehow. In her words (sort of – I’m paraphrasing), “I would rather be told 100 times that I’m a good singer and should be a professional than to actually try to sing professionally and be told that I can’t sing at all.” She’s right. Those thousands of people got up in front of Simon, Randy and Paula Abdul and they had NO TALENT.

But it makes you wonder – had these people been told 100 times that they should be professionals? After one particularly horrendous audition, Simon asked the girl if she took voice lessons. She replied that she did. He advised her to find a lawyer and sue the teacher. Yikes. The one that had me laughing out loud, however, was hometown girl Rose who sang completely off-key. When Randy said, “I don’t think one note in that song you did was right,” she got angry and said, “I wasn’t trying to sing the right notes.”


Tonight is the continuation – although it won’t be nearly as funny. Tonight all the folks (I want to say it’s about 120 people?) who got picked from the auditions will be shaved down (not literally) to about 30. And then the viewing audience gets to decide who they want to be the American Idol. I’m personally rooting for the two larger girls who got picked based on TALENT, not looks. Cuz they could SING.

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