The Fountain of Youth? I’ll Take It!

One of the things I hate most about wintertime is that I get REALLY dry skin. It becomes a hassle to even wear makeup because the minute I put it on my face becomes one big flake and looks horrible. I’ve tried at least a dozen moisturizers specifically for the wintertime and have yet to find one that can do the trick. So, when I was offered a sample of Dermalastyl it was with doubt and hesitation that I agreed to try it. It came in the mail last week and I have been faithfully using it each morning since it arrived. And do you want to know the result?

Smooth skin.
No dryness.
Great makeup application afterwards.
No weird scents.
No greasy feeling once it has been applied.

Infusion_therapyIn a phrase: fantastic! I’m truly a fan of this stuff – it WORKS. It’s a pity I only have a little bit left in the sample I received!! Apparently DermaLastyl contains the same collagen stimulants that are contained in those Botox alternatives that you can see advertised on TV. The moisturizer is supposed to be anti-aging, but the main effect I’ve noticed was tremendous reduction in dryness.

And for a person like me that suffers each and every winter – this free sample was a godsend as we headed in the coldest week of the year just when it arrived. My face has not noticed the cold dry weather one little bit.


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