The Forgetful Daughter

It’s over a week late, but

to my Mom, whose birthday was October 8th. And happy anniversary too – that was a couple days ago, yet another family event that I neglected to acknowledge.

Next up: forgetting my Dad’s birthday while I’m on vacation in a few weeks! :w00t:

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  1. Now you’re starting to sound like me forgetting everyone’s birthday. Marriage is rubbing off on you.

  2. Jaynee, follow these steps EXACTLY:

    1. Take out your pda.
    2. Open the calendar.
    3. Turn to Oct 8, 2006.
    4. Pick any time, 9am will do, open an appointment.
    5. Enter “Mom’s Birthday.”
    6. Change date to Oct 1, 2006.
    7. Pick any time, 9am will do, open an appointment.
    8. Enter, “Mom’s Birthday in one week!”

    Now, sync the calendar, back it up, keep the battery charged and next year you’ll get the nice reminder that will keep you in The Will.

  3. Repeat the above steps only change the dates to Nov 7 and Nov 1 respectively and you’ll never forget Dad’s birthday either. :wave:

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