The First Day Of Summer? Sure!

It’s not technically summer yet, but Memorial Day is upon us, and with that our neighborhood pool opened. Our ability to attend the grand opening party was almost put in jeopardy when CG went to bed early with an upset stomach and promptly threw up an hour later. It was nasty, y’all. Seriously. I thought dog puke was the worst thing to have to clean up, but post-school-party puke ranks right up there.

We donned our HazMat suits and cleaned her up, and she slept the rest of the night puke-free. So this morning CG, CB and I hit the pool. We got there around 10:45 a.m. and it was empty – pleasantly so! I introduced myself to the lifeguards (only one guy is a returnee from last year – the rest are all new) and began re-introducing the pool to the kids.

They did well – CG was swimming like a fish within 10-15 minutes. CB was nervous and put on his float jacket for about an hour. Then when the hot chicks (read: girls from his kindergarten class) showed up, he took it off less he come off as a weinie. He did cannonballs for a good two hours (nothing beats a good cry of “CANNONBALLLLLL!!!!”) and then I told him he needed to practice his swimming.

And so he and I proceeded to work on his underwater swimming a bit. At some point I was helping him and felt hands grip my ankles from behind. I looked down and saw CG just as she pulled herself through my legs and surfaced in front of me.

By 2 p.m. the pool was packed. With only three lifeguards on duty, and at least 300 people in the pool, it was pure chaos. WAY too many kids in the pool – I kept getting splashed in the face, which was ticking me off.

So by 2:15 p.m. I was done, and ushered the kids out and we headed home. It was a fun first day at the pool – but I can’t wait for the mid-summer when people get caught up in other things and STOP gonig to the pool – it’ll be much more enjoyable then.

As it is, between the pool, Carowinds, and the various VBS programs I’m going to sign up the kids for, they are gonna have a packed summer – despite the fact that I’m working full-time again.

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