The Final Two

I can’t say I’m happy with the winner of tonight’s “Survivor” finale. I wanted the other one to win. I’m actually surprised that the winner took the prize considering the vitriol that was spewed her way during the final tribal council. Oh well.

In other news, in the online Survivor game that I’m playing, I’M IN THE FINAL TWO!!! I knew my head was on the chopping block if I didn’t win immunity because people think I’m popular with the jury because I won three reward challenges in a row (which are awarded by the jury). And then the guy that got booted this week posted on the public board that the whole jury was basically rooting for me. Guh. NOT what you want someone to read if I didn’t win immunity. But I did! It was based on number of logins this week. I logged in 14 times to the game since Thursday. My partner Mal logged in 12 times. Phew!!! I’ll be taking Mal with me to the final tribal council – she and I formed an alliance on Day One of the game and have remained true to that to the end (although I actually don’t think SHE would have taken ME to final tribal council if she won immunity).

I can’t wait to see what happens during this week while the final tribal council takes place. Mal and I played two different games – she was nice and didn’t go against anyone, whereas I floated up to the merge and then came out with all strategy (which is when I started winning reward challenges). But who knows what the jury will give the title to. But suffice to say I’m pretty stoked.

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  1. Yeah, I was shocked and disappointed with the winner. I think she thought the other one was going to win judging from her expression when she saw that final vote.

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