The Final Countdown…

This is it. One day until the party. We’ve had a few cancellations over the past couple of days, which saddens us. We’re down to 25 people (not including me and Denis). We joked last night that we may be down to our 2006 number soon (we only had 8 people attend that party because it was our first year in SC).

Since I just started the new job, Denis is home alone today to get stuff done. We have a housecleaner coming to do a DEEP cleaning of the main floor of the house today. It needs it! BADLY! She’ll be getting here around 8:30 a.m.

It’s hard to believe, but I haven’t made a single list for the countdown phase. No list of things that need to get done, no list of last minute food prep that needs to get done. Nothing. No list. Which is weird because I’m the queen of lists.

Tonight and tomorrow will be very busy as we get everything ready. We have great food planned, and I’m very excited about the White Elephant gift that I’m putting into the game!!

Okay, off to work I go. Looking forward to the clean house when I get home, followed by running around like crazy for the next 24 hours to get everything finished!

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  1. Have been thinking about your all week and will continue to pray that all goes just the way you hope it will! Post pics on Sunday!

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