The Final 24 on AI4

I bet you are all dying to know who my top picks are for AI4, right? Since they’ve decided to pick 12 girls and 12 boys and have them fight it out that way, I will pick my top three girls and my top three boys. May the MOST TALENTED singer win.

For the men:
David Brown, from Louisiana. I love his voice and from the shows he seems like a really sweet down-to-earth guy.
Mario Vazquez, from Da Bronx. Love him love him love him. What more can I say?
Bo Bice, from Atlanta, GA. This is my dark horse pick. I loved him in Hollywood when he sang “The Letter” – he’s got a nice gritty smoky voice and I think he could do well, even if his image is of a rocker.
First to get the boot? Joseph Murrena – but only because the show never really introduced him to us.

For the women:
Mikalah Gordon, from Las Vegas, NV. Sure, she’s channeling Fran Drescher, but you can’t help but like her absolutely confidence. She has a good voice to boot. Definitely comfortable being noticed which will translate well on live tv performances.
Carrie Underwood, from Oklahoma. This is Denis’ top pick as well. She can sing and she’s cute to boot. Will definitely go far unless the voters don’t like her country music sound.
Vonzell Solomon, from Florida. The girl can sing, plain enough. May get nervous on live tv, but if she can overcome that she’ll blow everyone away.
First to get cut: Aloha Mischeaux. Again, we didn’t get to know her, and Simon made a point of saying her admission to the final 24 was not unanimous.

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