The Final 24 Hours

We’re in the final 24 hours of our trip. The past couple days have been great – we spent the entire time in DogTown and I LOVED the dogs I worked with. I spent time at Old Friends, which is an area for older dogs. I had fallen in love with Tramp, an older dog we saw during our tour on Sunday, so I was excited to go back to visit him. What a SWEET dog. The caregiver in charge of Old Friends was wonderful and friendly, and as such I decided to go back yesterday as well. I loved hanging out with Bob Barker (a HUGE yellow lab), Tramp (a tall terrier), Ben (a sweet but shy black lab), and Kimbo (a 13-year-old deaf Keeshond). I love older dogs – they are so mellow.

Meredyth and I got to work with puppies the past two mornings, too. I fell in love with a Rottie puppy named Navy and wanted him very badly – but he is leaving for his new forever home this morning. Besides, Rottie puppies grow up to be 90-lb adult Rotties, and I KNOW Denis wouldn’t have liked that one bit. So I have to be content that he’s going to a home where they’ll love him.

Today we are checking out of the timeshare in St. George and heading over to a nearby artist’s community for a bit before heading back to Vegas. We will then spend the day doing the cheapest (read: free) things we can possibly do with a bit of gambling mixed in here and there.

This week has been fabulous, and I’m pleased to say that I got out of it exactly what I wanted. I got to spend time with dogs, cats and horses; I got to spend one day doing next to nothing except RELAXING; and I got to mentally recharge my batteries – something I haven’t been able to do in over a year due to my layoff last January, the subsequent and constant search for work, freelancing, and taking care of the kids. So all in all, this was the PERFECT vacation.

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