The End Results

I participate in a small non-prize Survivor pool and it turns out I came in first place.

I’m looking forward to the next round – we’ve decided to make it a more interesting next season with a money prize to first place. $20 for the entire season (not per episode), and if we have five players, that’s $120 to the winner at the end of the season. Obviously the honor system will be employed and if anyone reads any spoilers and comes in first place, the prize will be given to the person in second place. We added that rule because about halfway through Ace accidently read a Survivor spoiler listing who would be the last two standing. We still let him play in the pool – after all, you can see where he ended up despite knowing that info!

1. Jaynee 834.58
2. Denis 639.80
3. Doug 632.10
4. jenspeaks 626.19
5. AceRocks 572.96
6. am123 534.23

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  1. I didn’t do well on the last quiz at all. Dang it. What was I thinking when I chose Rupert to win it all? I’m an idiot. *smacks own forehead in disgust*

    Who suggested making this a money pool? *raised fist in protest*

    I’m feeling all gesture-y today. šŸ˜€

  2. Ace suggested brining money into the mix. $20 for an entire SEASON doesn’t seem that bad…surely you can come up with $20.

  3. J – Did I tell you that Lorelei won her pool? She came in first, her 1 year old son was 2nd, her husband was 3rd and so on and so forth. The people who actually put on the pool came in last !!

    I was told to say THANKS to you !!!!

  4. Yeah, I can shell out the dough. I just enjoyed the competition.

    TAR starts in July – we want to try for a pool on that one?

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