The Email Exchange

Fortunately I have good relationships with my bosses that allow for email exchanges such as this one I had with my boss today:

Him: I am getting calls from people looking for their docs – where are u

Me: Were you not in the lunch room at 12:15 p.m. when I ran out in a panic because I forgot I was having lunch with my friend? I just got back – I’m working on your docs – they’ll all go out in the next 15 minutes. You Must Chill.

Him: we need a time clock

Me: Yeah, so you can punch in and out when you go to the gym.

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  1. Thank God Lent is over! Great relationship you have with your boss, LOL. I hope when I get a job that my boss has a great employer-employee relationship.

    As it stands now, I just gotta pull through high school. Graduation’s in two months…God, I can’t believe it. Where did all the time go?

    I’ll be on KFOX-TV this Friday in an interview about SWASA (SouthWestern Autism Society of America). My little brother has Autism and they’re working on a story for it.

    I’ll send you the link if they post the video online (only two television stations out here in El Paso post video to their websites that I know of, and KFOX isn’t one of them).

    Also, I’ll post a correction in a future post on the CNN segment. Even though I had insomnia, it was four in the morning when I saw the CNN Daybreak segment.

    Cheers and warmest regards,

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