The Economy

I made this post last week regarding the economy:

I couldn’t understand how we were growing so fast when all along all I hear is doom and gloom economic news. And sure enough, this is what I just read on Yahoo News:

Survey: Job Cuts More Than Double in Oct.

“NEW YORK – Job cuts announced by U.S. companies more than doubled in October from the previous month, providing more evidence that the nation’s economy is in a period of jobless expansion, according to a report from an outplacement firm.

Chicago-based Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. said Tuesday that in October companies announced plans to eliminate 171,874 positions, compared with 76,506 jobs in September. It was the highest monthly level since October 2002, when 176,010 job cuts were announced.”

I should have been an economics major, then I could have made sense of all this, and figure out how to squirrel away a few dollars. I’m tired of being a broken record, so I’m not going to mention our fearless leader, but you know what I’m thinking.

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  2. Lots of CUSH…I could give you some CUSH if you like…

    Remember ‘The Cush’ on Jerry Maguire? “My word is OAK.”

  3. I read my post and I think I need to elaborate…

    CUSH as in I offered you a job the last time I was there. CUSH as in if you want a job, I can help…but only in DC.

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