The Easter Bunny Visit

Because of my company last night and Denis’ poker game, we told the Easter Bunny to delay his visit by a few hours so that we could get things done this morning. The timing worked out perfectly because he ended up visiting during CootieGirl’s nap and therefore was able to surprise her with a candy-filled “basket” this afternoon.

She took great delight in opening each and every egg and laying out all the pieces of candy. She would occasionally eat something (or part of something) but for the most part just had fun laying everything out. It drove Cooper NUTS though, to have all that candy so close and yet so far away. He did manage to snag a couple pieces of out CootieGirl’s hand though (which brought on tears, of course).

The moblog picture on the right shows part of the things she laid out, including a half-eaten marshmallow egg, jelly beans, mini chocolate eggs, marshmallow flowers, a half-eaten cookie, a lollipop, a Peep and some of the grass from the basket (which was in the form of a plush pink car).

I predict the sugar will leave her system at approximately 7:13 p.m. and she’ll have a nice post-sugar sleep tonight.

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  1. At least you did your Easter eggs. My girlfriend and I bought the kits, but were so tired and the weather was so icky that we just staying in and did nothing.

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