The Dress Fitting

Last night I had another dress fitting for the bridesmaid’s dress in Mare-Bear’s wedding. The seamstress said, “I don’t know how much you paid for the dress, but it’s a very well made dress. Sometimes women pay a lot and when I go to alter it, it’s just a mess. But this is beautifully sewn.”

We’ll have one more appointment after my vacation and we’ll be done. Last night she verified that the sides were the proper fit and then pinned the bust area. As I suspected, a good portion of the beading is going bye-bye, despite the pushup padded bra I will be wearing.

The seamstress also verified that the dress they sent was a size larger than it needed to be. She said, “I couldn’t believe how much fabric laid on the floor when I got done with the first alteration – there’s no way that we should have had that much fabric. That means they sent the wrong size.”

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  1. The correct size WAS ordered based on the measurements you gave to me. This (again) is why I asked you several times to come with me to the Demetrios Salon so you could be measured by a seamstress there, and then based on those measurements they could have picked the “perfect sized” dress for you.

  2. Mary, the measurements I gave you were correct – last time I checked a measuring tape is a measuring tape, no matter what seamstress is using it. AND we measured twice, even three times on a couple of measurements. So it stands to reason that even if Demetrios Salon did the measuring they STILL would have ordered a dress one size too large. :confused:

  3. I understand what a measuring tape is believe it or not.

    My whole point with this is that I asked you so many times to come to the salon with me and get measured …. if you had done that originally, I’m sure none of these “problems” you appear to be having would have occured with this dress.

    I actually called Demetrios Salon again today as this whole dress situation with you has upset me so dreadfully in so many different ways. They assured me that based on the measurements I gave to them there is no way they would have ordered another size. Hence, the dress size which has been ordered is the correct one based on measurements received.

  4. Mary, don’t get upset about it – the dress will be fine once the alterations are done. It’s so not worth getting upset about. And you choose wisely – this experienced seamstress was impressed with the dress you chose. Take THAT comment away from my post, not the fact that the dress was big.

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