The Difference A Day Makes

Today was CootieGirl’s first swim lesson. She did a great job but was most surprising to me was what happened AFTER the lesson. We stayed for another 90 minutes at the pool, and by the time we left she was jumping CANNONBALLS into the pool. And loving every minute of it! She amazes me and I’m very proud of her – she’ll DEFINITELY be swimming within the next couple weeks if the weather holds and I’m able to take her to the pool every day.

As for CootieBoy, he doesn’t want lessons anymore, but I made him do it this morning. When it came time to jump in the pool he didn’t want to do it, and so endeth the lesson. However, I guess he saw CG having so much fun jumping in the pool that he decided to give it a try. Twenty jumps later he was a natural at it!

So I’m VERY pleased with their progress. Their next lesson is Thursday, and at that time I’ll evaluate whether they need to take anymore lessons. But at this point I’m thinking NO. Which is awesome.

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