The Debate

So, Kerry won the debate hands down, the morning news shows interviewed the undecideds and they all agree, many of them saying they’re voting for Kerry now, but Fox News is still saying Kerry is flip flopping and Bush won the debate. What is Fox News going to do for the next four years now that Georgie is out?

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  1. Did you catch The Daily Show last night? Rudy Guiliani must have watched a completely different debate then everyone else.

    I was absolutely thrilled with Kerry’s performance.

  2. As my sister said on her blog, and was also my thought last night on more than one occasion, I appreciate that Kerry says he has a PLAN for the war in Iraq, but it’s a pity that he never OUTLINED THE PLAN. Why would I vote for a man who still hasn’t told me what he’d do in office?

  3. And what exactly is the Bush plan again? Oh, yeah. There is no exit strategy. Kerry plans on enlisting the help of the world to clean up the mess Bush made and try to fix the good name of the United States that Georgie mangled. It’s a big mess to fix though.

  4. I think everyone agrees that we won’t be leaving Iraq anytime soon – we CAN’T leave until the country is stable and the citizens know their freedom is for real and not going to be taken away by another dictator. That’s not something that is done in months or a couple years. This is a LONG-TERM mission (not even America’s system was built in a year – it took DECADES). So no exit strategy at this point. I think Kerry is foolish to think the US will be out of Iraq during his four years of office. And if he DOES take out the troops, then the groundwork that is currently being laid for democracy in that country will have been wasted.

  5. When are people going to realize that this president has FAILED! His is a FAILED presidency. If he didn’t have this mess of a “war” to crow about, what would he say? When those issues in the next two debates come up it’s going to very interesting.
    Kerry stated that he is going to get the rest of the world to come help us in Iraq, something W can’t do since he pretty much told them all to go F themselves. Kerry also said that you can find out more about his plans on you can. Actually, since Bushie decided that he only wanted to have two minute responses, I don’t think Kerry would really have had enough time to explain it all.
    The sad thing about all of this, beside that fact that we went into Iraq in the first place, is that there WAS planning done for post-invasion Iraq by many different groups and it was all willfully ignored by Bush and Co.
    Why would you vote for a man that has had three years as president already with a republican majority in the Senate, House and Courts and has done nothing? How could anyone vote for the worst president this country has ever had? I don’t see it…

  6. Rob, I think you do a disservice to say that Bush is the worst president we’ve ever had, considering things were MUCH worse during Carter’s administration in the 1970s. I think the reason why Bush gets a bad rap is because of 9/11, which is the DEFINING moment in his presidency, and would have been for ANY president in office at the time.

    9/11 single-handedly negatively affected this country in many ways. Millions of jobs were lost in an instant when those towers fell. We’re still feeling the effects of that today and I doubt ANY president could have fixed the unemployment numbers from 9/11. We went on the hunt for Osama Bin Laden and his people, and so far have captured/killed the majority of the people working directly for him at the time of the attacks. We were able to take down another dictator who tortured his own people for research and most definitely had an anti-US agenda that absolutely included things such as chemical weapons (which he practiced using on his own people). We are now in the process of building up that country and turning it into a democracy. It’ll take time, but that’s a noble goal, in my mind.

    Worst president ever? They said the same thing about FDR at one point, but he ended up serving this nation through FOUR presidencies and is considered one of the greatest presidents of all time. I don’t think GWB will be called that, but I don’t think he’s the worst prez ever either.

  7. Look at Jaynee getting all political on me. So much for the apolitical Cootiehogs. All I know is, two more debates like the last one, and Kerry in ’04. Oh, yeah. The President has no clothes.

  8. The defining moment of his presidency and as I ran from falling buildings he sat there with a blank look on his face reading “My Pet Goat” then a few days later he stood on the pile that those buildings had become and said “The people who knocked these buildings down will hear from all of us soon” and I guess he meant he would send Osama a post card from Iraq.

    Dear Osama,
    Wish you were here.

    P.S. Say Hi to you brother who was at a meeting with my Dad on 9/11 in Manhattan.

  9. You DO realize there are still US forces in Afganistan actively searching for Osama? That just because you don’t hear about it on the news doesn’t mean they aren’t looking. As I said – the VAST MAJORITY of his cohorts have been taken care of – it’s only a matter of time before they find Bin Laden himself.

    No doubt the “blank look”on his face while he was at that school was surprise, doubt, fear, and terror that someone would attack this nation so boldly. We all had that look on our faces that day.

  10. Bush doesn’t get a bad rap from 9/11. He went into Afganistan after Osama and the people who were harboring him and his followers. It was the right course of action and the whole world supported us. ANY other president would’ve done the same thing. He gets his bad rap MOSTLY from the debacle in Iraq, the rest of it is from what he hasn’t done in this country! He took the goodwill that the rest of the world had for us after 9/11 and turned it into hatred and fear of the U.S.
    When you are the first president since Hoover not to create one single net job it IS a little hard to fix the unemployment numbers in this country. But hey, I know he is working hard, I mean he must be since 44% of the time he is on vacation.
    There is no doubt that the people of Iraq are better off with Saddam gone, but if the U.S. is going to go into the business of taking out dictators around the world there were others that were more of a threat then Saddam was. Let’s not forget that 2/3 of Iraq was under a no fly-zone and that inspectors were in the country, he was basically boxed in. Believe me, if he had had ANY WMD, Isreal would have known and probably done something about it, like they did in the early 80’s.
    Another thing that you don’t hear too much on the news is the fact that the Taliban is coming back, and has control over many cities in Afganistan. They will get Osama eventually if they don’t aready have him-it is an election year you know!
    Personally I think that look on his face was, “Oh s%*t, maybe I should’ve followed up on that PDB from Aug. 6th 2001 that said ‘Osama bin Laden determined to strike in the U.S., using planes as a possible method.”(The 9/11 report states that not once did he meet with anyone to discuss this). And, “I wish Uncle Dickie was here to hold my hand and tell me what to do.”

    “Now watch this drive!”

  11. Alright, I’ll wade in here.

    RE: Bush’s “blank” look on 9/11 – John Kerry said that he and Tom Daschle sat in a room for 40 minutes, unable to think, when they got word about the attacks. I’d love to see the video of all of your reactions when you got the news – I’m sure you all had similar “blank” looks on your faces. I know that I did. It’s so petty to criticize the look on the President’s face three years later. I saw the leader of our country grappling with the information that Andy Card had just whispered in his ear. Look a little harder at that video and you can see that was thinking very hard in those minutes after.

    RE: the exit strategy for Iraq – It’s completely dependent on how the new Iraqi government fares and takes on their roles of leading their people. So far they are asking that we keep our troops there because they know that they’re not fully equipped to handle things on their own. The President has said repeatedly that when the leaders in Iraq ask us to leave, we will begin that process immediately. As Jaynee said, you can’t rebuild a country in a year or two. This is going to take some time. The President warned us that it would take time. Apparently some of you weren’t listening.

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