The Cutest Puppy Ever!

So they did it – the boys went to PA today and adopted a puppy. And she’s the cutest puppy ever. Seriously. Too cute for words (picture is forthcoming). It’s a shiba sheperd mix and she’s nine weeks old and absolutely adorable. At first she was really really shy but by the time they all left (about ten minutes ago) she was as playful and rambunctious as any dog. She obviously just needed to warm up to us a little bit. Too cute, and welcome anytime to my house.

CootieGirl was okay with her until the puppy jumped on her, which unnerved her (considering Cooper never jumps on her (he never needs to – they are the same height)). But eventually CootieGirl began screaming, “Saffy! Saffy! Saffy!” while trying to get the dog to follow her around the living room.

The cats were a bit nonplussed to find a foreign animal in their house, but Saffron (or Saffy as she will be called by everyone but Ace) totally went Beta and let the Alpha animals know they were still in charge. Very sweet dog.

One thing that came out of this – Denis’ resolve to only have one dog at a time, unless we adopt an older dog that has already been trained and housebroken (Saffy peed and pooped in our house while she was here, AND tried to mark her scent on Cooper’s bed). Hard to believe Cooper was once that size…

I totally approve of their choice and think she’s going to be a wonderful pet. :cheer:

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