The Culprit

The Culprit

This morning, I opened the shade on our front window to see this. Jane thought squirrels had been digging into her flowers. Well, they might, but here is one culprit caught red handed — and bushy tailed!

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  1. Yeah, we got bunnies too. My wife planted several new little trees she got by joining something and the bunnies ate the tops off all of the them. don’t discount the squirrels and chipmunks though.

  2. Okay, that bunny is just too cute for words. You must create a separate garden for him to enjoy all the fine foliage you have to offer, and with a white picket fence for trim.

    I know, you have so little else to do, so why not?

  3. As is common with surveillance photos, I can’t make out whether it’s grabbing a bite to eat, or — how do I put this nicely? — tossing tiny cookies in your flowers 😉

    Not that you have foul-tasting flowers, of course.

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