The Crap Sandwich

So this whole bailout thing. I’ve been loathe to post about it, but after reading this op-ed piece which pretty much sums up exactly what I’ve been thinking the past 24 hours, I figured I’d let Jonah Goldberg do the talking for me. Hat tip to Erin for directing her FB readers to that op-ed piece.

Also, yesterday a blogger I read had an AMAZING video on her website that basically outlined how this entire financial crisis came to be going back to the 1979. I wanted to post that this morning, but apparently the video is no longer available on YouTube. However, the followup video she posted that shows the warning signs going back four years ago – warning signs which were brought out into the open by the Republicans who wanted more oversight into the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac dealings.

Hat tip to Ms. Fussypants.

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  1. I love that the crap sandwich was not to be fed to the people yesterday after all. I’m gratified that representatives are actually listening to their constituents – sure, probably to get re-elected, but that’s what they got elected for in the first place.

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