The Computer Is Dying

It’s a good thing my Dad is generously shipping my mom’s old computer to us. Because the one we have now is now in it’s final stages of death.

I went to open Adobe GoLive CS this morning, which worked fine two days ago, and I got an error message saying the serial number couldn’t be found. Great.

Then just now I was working on my freelance job and had added a page to a document that was the almost-final draft of an eBook he was having me edit. I got done, went to save it, and got an error message. It shut down Word automatically and when I went back in to open up the document – IT WAS GONE. Yep, you read that right. My entire document was GONE. As though it never existed.

Fortunately, I emailed a draft of it to the guy a few days ago, so I can download that on the laptop and just re-do what I did today. But it’s still VERY scary that the computer just decided to scrap that document altogether.

So I’m officially DONE with that computer. I’m not going to use it for any freelance work anymore. And when my dad’s computer arrives, we’ll network that new computer and the laptop together so that I can work on those computers. But that old computer? I’ll use it for stuff that doesn’t matter. And will make sure to go ahead and move ALL files off that machine even if I don’t think they’re important. Because I’d rather have them than not.

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