The Cell Phone

So I’ve continued to play with my phone. The Moblog to the right shows a picture of CootieGirl with her “Finding Nemo” tattoo from the other night. I’m finally able to post pictures there again!

I’ve used my Bluetooth headset for a few phone calls and I love it – the sound (at least on my end) is fabulous and it’s much easier to concentrate on driving the car with the headset vs holding the cellphone while it’s on speaker.

I haven’t had a chance to flash/flex the phone – that stuff is all greek to me. This afternoon my boss will be out for the remainder of the day so with any luck I’ll be able to sit and just READ READ READ about all that stuff.

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  1. Glad you like your new phone! Verizon will be coming out with a RAZR shortly, I hear. Maybe I will consider it down the line. Which Bluetooth headset are you using?::grin:

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