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Raleigh being on of L-Train’s friends, that is. Raleigh and L-Train are good friends who participate in an annual event of their own creation known as the night they all come together to bake. It’s a big weekend shindig when all the gal pals get together and bake cookies (although from the stories I’ve heard the event should really be known as “Drinking Weekend” since they also enjoy copious amounts of wine, beer and bevvies during the weekend).

So Raleigh (not her real name) has decided to make a website dedicated to this baking weekend. L-Train told Raleigh that I could probably help her out, and gave me Raleigh’s email address. I emailed to let Raleigh know what the first steps would be and figured I’d be able to get started this weekend.

Alas, Raleigh is off to Asheville this weekend for some music festival that involves camping and port-a-potties. Given the rain we’re experiencing this weekend, I believe Raleigh is in for her own personal Woodstock of mud and port-a-potties.

So I suppose the baking website will have to wait until next week. While Raleigh parties on.

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