The Buffy Party Time Awaits!

I’ve been loathe to mention this since I HATE being made fun of, but today Ace and I go on a road trip with a gal named Jennifer from Seattle. We’re driving to Connecticut to a woman’s house where she has invited some 30-40+ people from all over the world to stay with her. We are all “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fans and are from a forum board at a Buffy fan website.

Last night was “prep” night as Ace and I baked up lots of goodies for all the internet geeks to partake. I made two crumb cakes, a loaf of French honey bread, some smores and some rice krispy treats. Upon arriving I’ll make some apple crumble pie, which is easy, quick and delish. That’s my donation to the party. Ace is bringing WAY more food than me (and more homemade than mine to boot).

On Saturday I’m dragging Ace to Foxwoods Casino for the morning. I’ve given myself $150 to spend there, and will do so with pleasure. Denis gave me the dollar of a co-worker for me to play on roulette. Last time we did that she won (no kidding), so believe me I’ll play her number!

I’ve volunteered to make french toast for everyone at the Buffy Party on Sunday morning. Ace thinks I’m nuts for volunteering to do that. I think come Sunday morning I’ll feel the same way. But we’ll see.

Ace and I are staying in the local Holiday Inn. We could have stayed at the woman’s house (I won’t use her name for privacy’s sake), but the thought of sleeping on the floor next to 30-40 internet geeks is not appealing. So instead, I’m bringing two air mattresses for other people to use while they sleep on the floor next to 30-40 internet geeks and I’m sleeping peacefully in my hotel bed down the road.

Denis is being left at home with no car, as I’m the driver for those trek. I’m sure he’ll be fine – sports, internet, the neighbor’s pool, no nagging wife for two days – yeah, he’ll do fine.

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