The Birthday Cake

CootieBoy has been asking for weeks to have an Indiana Jones cake for his birthday. I’ve agonized over how to accomplish this task. I have a couple friends that do fancy cakes – could they some how use action figures to make a cute cake? Would just screenprinting the iconic Indiana Jones picture on the top of the cake work?

Then I found this: The Indiana Jones Cake Topper Kit.

Wanna see it close up?

Indiana Jones Cake Topper Kit
How awesome is that? I’ve already ordered the kit (which comes with the figurine, the boulder/mountain combo, and pick/sign thing in the upper left of the cake), and when it arrives I’ll take it to my local grocery store along with this picture and ask them to replicate it as best as possible.

CootieBoy is going to FREAK when he sees it. I’m almost sad he won’t have any friends over to behold it’s Indiana Jonesiness in all it’s glory. Of course, if the cake ends up being worthy of inclusion in the CakeWrecks hall of fame, then maybe it’s best we not have anyone over. We’ll see.

Update: For those coming from search engines on this cake, we ended up having to make our own Indiana Jones cake when we couldn’t get this topper in time.

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  1. Woah! Nice cake huh! I wish you good luck! Please do us a favor… Can you post the pic of the cake once it is baked. Thanks!

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