The Basketball Pool

So I went through all the sheets in my basketball pool, and the Cooties have THREE chances to win.

If Duke wins the championship, then Denis wins the pool.
If GA Tech beats Duke in the final game, then I win.

All other scenarios mean no money for the Cooties.


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  1. Ok, let’s see if Duke wins, Denis wins.
    If GT beats Duke to win, Jaynee wins.

    How does that get to be THREE chances? 😉

  2. Unfortunately, Duke didn’t live up to their end of the bargain. A great game, but guess it wasn’t to be. Maybe next year. I won the last two years anyway.

  3. chance 1: GA beats Duke
    chance 2: Duke beats GA
    chance 3: Duke beats Ok St

    Sadly, Duke SUCKED last night – so no pool $, which I’m REALLY bummed about…

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