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Last night’s band rehearsal went long – we were learning a new song by Matt Redman called “Facedown” which I absolutely love. We’ll be singing it this Sunday even though we only practiced it one night. Last night I had a mic and sang along with the group. I was pleased when Obie complimented me afterwards, saying he really liked the harmonies that I had sung (I just kind of make them up as I go along). It was a weird rehearsal because when it came time to practice the other songs (ones we’ve been doing for weeks now), it sounded really bad – everyone was playing something different and it was just wacky. The same thing happened at the last rehearsal and yet we pulled it together and played a fantastic set on Sunday, so hopefully that’ll happen again this weekend.

CootieGirl and CootieBoy came with me to rehearsal because Denis was showing houses to a couple. Fortunately Casey was there to occupy their time while I was in the music room. After practicing “Facedown” for an hour I knew I’d be there forever, so I called Denis when I found out he had called to say he was home. I asked him to come get the kids so that Casey could go home. He showed up about 15 minutes later and ended up hanging out. And in that time our drummer had to go home. Then once Denis left we practiced one more song and then suddenly our bassist’s dad was there to take him home (he’s in high school and doesn’t drive).

I arrived home about 20 minutes after Denis and he pointedly looked at the clock because the whole reason he picked up the kids was because our practice was going to go longer. Of course, he didn’t account for the fact that he hung out for 20 minutes while the band continued their thing.

Either way, the rehearsal was a good one – even if we did sound bad.

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