The Apprentice Season Two

The premiere of The Apprentice is barely over and I’m already giving nicknames out. Based on tonight’s episode, Stacy J will now be called “Cokey” because there’s NO WAY she didn’t sneak out for a snort of powder while they were waiting for the mission results. She was just acting way too tweaked to be stone cold sober. I’m just sayin’.

If I had to pick a winner tonight? I couldn’t. No one really stood out as a potential winner in the premiere. The woman with the slight accent and the really really short dark hair? She’s what I picture Angie at Fluid Pudding to look like. She’s never posted a true picture of herself – only bits and pieces. But based on description and those bits and pieces I think Maria on The Apprentice 2 and Angie would be twinners.

Based on the preview for next week the Boardroom meeting looks to be hilarious.

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