The Amazing Race…to Hang Blinds

So Ace and I were going to apply to The Amazing Race, but he backed out at the last minute. Then Denis and I decided to apply as a team, despite the 100% chance we’d be divorcing at the end of the show should we get picked (we don’t travel well together). We were all set to make our video last night to send out today, since I thought the package had to be postmarked October 8. Then yesterday afternoon Denis informs me that it had to arrive by October 8. So no Amazing Race for us. It’s just as well – I like being married to Denis and it would be a shame to force it’s end by participating on the show.

So what did we do instead of making a crazy tape that would induce producers to cast us in TAR5? We hung blinds in our sunroom. It actually went pretty smoothly. Baby was kept occupied with a bottle (she can pretty much hold the small ones herself now) and a DVD of Bear in Big Blue House, and about 45 minutes later all the windows in our sunroom had blinds on them! I’m thrilled – I always hated how dark our backyard was, and how open our sunroom bay windows were. I mean, if someone in our yard were to step back just a couple feet from the sunroom at night, I’d never know they were watching me watch tv. Scary thought. But now we’ll be able to watch tv in total privacy, without fear of crazy neighborhood stalkers staring in people’s windows. Unless he’s staring in the dining room window, which still has no covering and can ALSO see into our living room.


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