The Amazing Race, Season 5

So they have greenlighted a fifth season of “The Amazing Race”, to begin filming in January. As of this morning my application is filled out. Hopefully Ace will get his done in the next few days and we can begin work on the video portion of the application. All materials are due to TAR offices by October 8th.

I hope we get picked! I love that show!

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  1. Well, I have you both beat. Anthony and I are going to steal Jaynee and Ace’s thunder, and we will be appearing on the fifth season. Hope you root for us. I just printed out the application and am thinking up funny ideas for our video.

  2. OK, while I think Jane and Ace would be hilarious and do well – the idea that Denis and Anthony might consider it is a little more hilarious. D&A would trump J&A any day as good television.

  3. Jen, thanks for understanding the better of the two teams. Anthony and Denis rule!!!!! I’m working on ideas for our video. We are moving on to the next round of interviews. Whoo Hoo!!!! Some other playa’s are going to be home watching us on TV trying for a chance at a million bucks!

  4. I am a cancer patient and also a big Amazing Race fan, I do not know how much longer can I live. I am a Singaporean, so I wish The Amazing Race 5 can be broadcast in Singapore at March 2004. Hope that you can help me to fulfil my wish.

  5. Hey is me again I only have Four more months to live. when are the Amazing Race 5 going to be broadcast.

  6. I’m an Amazing Race fan and your news about their shooting the next season is great! Just fabolous!

    By the way, hope you get picked!

  7. you guys work hard as a team and a couple, christie you are a nice young women who put a lot of patient to collins, i admired you though. keep it up and hope you guys will be together always.

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