That’s Not What I Meant!

This weekend I made CootieGirl cry. I didn’t mean to – but she completely misunderstood what I said.

On Saturday she had covered her arms in stickers. She attempted to put stickers on me, and I kept tell her no. She wouldn’t listen, and kept pushing and pushing, trying to get those stickers on my arms. I finally growled, “No, CG, I’m not like you – I don’t like having stickers on my arms!”

All of a sudden she burst into tears and collapsed next to me on the sofa.

I was totally confused. “Why are you crying?”

“You said you didn’t like me!” she wailed.


“CG, that’s not what I said,” I responded, grabbing her into a huge bear hug. “I would NEVER say I don’t like you. I love you and like you and you are very precious to me.” I held her out from me and said it again while she was looking at me, to see that I was serious. Then I continued, “What I SAID was that while YOU may like having stickers on your arms, I DO NOT. You and I are different in that way – THAT’S what I said. You believe me, right?”

*sniff* “Y-y-y-yes.”

I have her another hug, told her again that I loved her, and sent her on her way (which means she decided to put stickers on CB instead of me).

She has always been sensitive, but for her to hear “I don’t like you,” as opposed to “I’m not like you,” is surprising. Looks like I’ll have to be careful how I phrase things around her.

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  1. Dag.. it was just a sticker. Geeesh. Remind me to leave my stickers at home the next time I come over. You.. you… STICKER HATER!

  2. *lol* It was the way she was asking me – she was being very whiny in her request to put stickers on me. Whining is unacceptable, so I told her that I didn’t want any stickers if she was going to whine about it.

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