That Infernal Brochure

So turns out the graphics needed to be fixed again for that brochure. I almost started crying at my desk I was so frustrated. As it was I told the guy in charge of it to leave me alone so I could just get it done.

So I’m not the most savvy when it comes to graphic design (a la Adobe programs like InDesign, Illustrator, etc.). I’ve got basic knowledge at best – maybe a touch into intermediate. And while I did have training in Illustrator over a year ago, I only use the program twice a year TOPS, so who can remember anything they learned? InDesign I never got training on because it was close enough to QuarkXpress that I didn’t feel I needed it (and Quark I taught myself using the tutorial that came with the software)..

So I don’t know from vector graphics or dpi or any of that crap. Oh sure, I know in theory but I don’t know the practical when it comes to the Adobe programs. So because I only know the basics, I had to figure out (on my own) some way to get Excel charts into InDesign and have them be legible. I thought I did it correctly, but come to find out this morning when the printer called that I did NOT get it right. So he and I sat on the phone and figured it out (even he didn’t know – we literally just tried a few things until it worked and got the result he needed to print the brochure).

And you know what sucks? On Friday I spent 6 hours doing those graphics in the only way I knew how. Today? With the new method? 1 hour. One freaking hour to do all 24 graphics. :thud:

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