That Hillary’s Got Moxie. I Like Moxie.

I tell ya, that Hillary Clinton. I’m starting to like her. I can’t help myself. Not her politics, mind you, but the woman herself.

Oh sure, I think she’s an idiot for sticking with Bill after he all but publicly humilated her on a GLOBAL LEVEL with the whole Monica Lewinsky debacle. I’m sorry, but cheat on me once – meet my lawyer.

But that’s the past, and this is the present. And I have to say that over the past year I’ve really come to respect her a lot. Yes, she has taken some missteps during the year, but for the most part she is doggedly determined, and I admire that. She’s tough and stands up for herself, and I admire that, too. And even when the chips are supposedly down, she still wants to play – after all, “chip and a chair” is all one needs (if I am to stay with the poker metaphor).

She says she’s voting for Obama, but you just KNOW she is contemplating the possibility of the open roll call at the convention in Denver and the possibilities that await. And as much as I hate politics, I’m actually thinking about tuning in to a portion of the “rock show” just to see what happens. Because that’s history in the making if the Clinton followers decide to stand up and be counted after all.

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  1. YAY! Another politcal post! *~WOOT~*

    Well, my “strong opinion” is, that maybe in 4 yrs (after McCain sweeps the ’08 elections) you will have a chance to vote for her. I missed her last night speaking at the convention, (I believe it was last night, stupid vacation) but I too like the woman. I think she will sit back and watch Obama-nation lose to McCain and then run again in ’12. Yea, she has to support the Democratic Ticket, but we all know what seat she wants and I think she will stop at nothing to get it. Of course I have no personal experience on this matter but that is just my opinion.

  2. “You are such a smartass”

    Yea, I thought the line “you will have a chance to vote for her” would have gotten such a response. 😉

    I just finished reading the Highlights from her speech last night. I loved DAVID VON DREHLE comment:
    “Nevertheless, in that final hour, with the whole crowd finally paying attention and on its feet; with Hillary Clinton giving Obama more than he had any historical justification to expect”

    I am sure I will watch the entire speech tonight on Youtube.

  3. Ace, would you like to bet me we’ll be an Obamanation after the November election? You seem pretty confident your man McCain is going to win.

  4. He’s not “my man” but, in my opinion, clearly the better choice for the job. I may have overstepped a bit in saying “sweep” the ’08 elections, but I do believe he will win.

    I read today that 1/4 of people who voted for Hilary are now voting for McCain, I am in that 25%.

    Jane made a great point about Hiliary’s Speech last night, via e-mail, you should ask her to share it with you.

  5. Sarah Palin’s Got Moxie, I like Moxie!

    Didn’t know where else to post this. What a great Speach last night. Clearly a fantatic pick for the job of VP. Of course I wish they would have the speaches earlier so I wouldn’t have to stay up late. There is no questions where my vote is going this year.

    Also, Track Pahlin is my new fake boyfriend.

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