That Good Feeling

It doesn’t happen that often, but occasionally I’ll get a good google search. Today, besides the regular “Anderson Cooper + gay” searches I get (every day!), I was found by someone actually searching for “Cootiehog”. They actually came looking for me! Okay, well us (sorry, Denis). That makes me feel good. We’ve only been up for three months or so and each month we get more visitors. Part of that is due to my joining about every webring I can find that relates to me, but I would like to think it’s also in part because of some kind people putting me on their “daily read” list, which is pretty darn awesome. I await the day that we surpass 1000 unique users per month. I know that for some of you out there that is a low number – especially for the MONTH, but for Cootiehog it is pretty high and it’ll be cool to reach that point (hopefully by year’s end). As it is, we’re only a little over halfway through July and we’ve had 600 unique users. And we’re only three months old!

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  1. Kate, that would work if Denis strictly followed any recipe he uses. But he’s a “tweaker” in that he constantly tries to one-up the recipe he’s using to make it better. Most times he doesn’t remember what he did to tweak…

  2. Yeah, I didn’t really follow this apple pie recipe either. And I know I left out mace and added vanilla extract. Plus, I’m sure I didn’t measure anything.

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