That Fifth Speaker Makes All The Difference

Last night we found the center speaker that is part of our surround sound. We hadn’t been able to find it and the sound was seriously off (all dialogue was superquiet and the music was SUPERLOUD). But last night we found it and hooked it up and promptly loaded “Gladiator” (say it like Elizabeth Taylor did at the Oscars, please) to test it out. We put on the opening battle and it was magnificent. CootieGirl and CootieBoy were spellbound. Well, CootieGirl was spellbound – CootieBoy thought all the fighting was funny and kept saying “Funny, Daddy! Funny!” while laughing and pounding Denis on the chest.

Once thing I’ve noticed is that sound travels in our house – if the tv has ANY volume to it you can hear it in the kids’ rooms upstairs. Which means that we either have to stuff cotton in their ears at night if we want to watch a loud movie after their bedtime, or have the volume down really low (which is no way to watch an action blockbuster). Oh well. Just one more thing that’s a “must have” when we finally build a house (read: soundproofed home theater room).

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  1. Yeah, our TV sound travels up to our bedroom, too. So when Dad goes to bed early, even with the doors shut up there, I have to turn it down really low.

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