That Didn’t Work Out Too Well

So, today CootieBoy and I saw half of “Wicked.” About 15 seconds after we sat down, he decided he wanted to leave because he didn’t like the huge metal dragon that hovered over the entire stage. He stared at it the way I stare at spiders – he had to keep an eye on it to make sure it didn’t come after him. Then when the show started he wigged out and covered his eyes saying “I wanna go home, mama!” I talked him into staying, and he did end up watching the play, but after each song he’d turn to me and with a hopeful voice say, “Is it over?”

He loves the song “Defying Gravity” which he calls “I hope you’re happy” (a lyric from the song), and he was glad when that song finally came on. And the song “Popular” too. But other than that he just didn’t enjoy it like I thought it would. Admittedly, the play is darker than I remembered. A bit much for a 3 1/2 year old boy.

So at intermission he asked again if we could go home, and rather than put him through the second act, we walked out of the theater and headed to the car. We stopped by my office so he could see Miss Nicole and L-Train, and then we drove home.

Denis got home a little while ago and the first thing CootieBoy said was “There was a dragon, daddy!” So needless to say that was an expensive lesson for me – only take the kids to true KID plays, not ones I think they’ll like since they like the soundtrack. Next week? “Schoolhouse Rock.”

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  1. Poor kiddo.
    It might be interesting to see what he remembers about the experience as he grows up. Possibly just a metal dragon. lol
    I remember snow and sugar plum fairies from watching The Nutcracker when I was 6.

  2. I’m sure all he’ll remember is the dragon and the flying monkeys, both of which scared him. I guarantee he WON’T remember seeing and hearing his two favorite songs.

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