That Devil May Care Attitude

kentucky derbySo Kentucky Derby is this weekend. I haven’t bet in a number of years (I think 2005 was my last time since that’s the last year I worked in NYC and was near an OTB).

But today I found out that my boss is going to BE at the Kentucky Derby this weekend. And she knows all about horse betting. And so I will be making my picks, she will be placing my bets, and with any luck handing over the cash come Monday morning.

Just in the last 30 minutes I’ve done a bit of studying and am leaning towards three horses: Awesome Act, Devil May Care, and Lookin at Lucky. I also like Super Saver, but mainly because the name cracks me up. They should have just named the horse “Bargain Discount” (in fact, if I ever own a horse, that’s what I shall name it).

I’ll keep an eye on the odds up through Friday, and upon leaving work will give my boss my picks and the money, in hopes that the odds don’t shake up too much between Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon when the race is run.

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