Thanksgiving Trip

Last night Denis and I mapped out our Thanksgiving trip in an effort to determine our schedule. It’ll be a busy week, but a fun one filled with friends and family. And we’ve opted to board Cooper in a kennel since our housesitter is unavailable. It turns out it is only $16/day so it’s about what we would have paid the housesitter anyway. Instead I’ll just have her check on the cats on her way out of town on Wednesday to refill their bowls of food and water.

We’ll leave Friday after work and drive to Virginia. We’ll be arriving super-late (after midnight) but traffic shouldn’t be bad since it’s the week before Thanksgiving. On Saturday we’ll leave around 10 a.m. for New Jersey and check into the timeshare we’ve booked. Saturday night will just be a chill out night – we’ll probably meet up with Ace/Anthony if they are available.

On Sunday it’s a church-related day all day. We’ll head to our old stomping ground and go to the service (I’ve hinted that I’d love to sing for old times’ sake but no one has taken me up on my subtle offer *lol*). After that we’ll be hanging out in Bloomfield with our former neighbors. Can’t WAIT for that – we really miss them!

Monday is our Ace/Anthony day – who knows what we’ll be doing, but whatever it is it’ll be with them all day. The plan is that night Denis will head into the city for the night to hang out with his friends and crash at someone’s place for the night. On Tuesday the kids and I will drive into the city to meet him for the day. My hope is to stop by my old company in Rock Center and at least have lunch with Mare-Bear (although I’d much prefer the opportunity to hug and squeeze her son Finnian but I don’t know if that will be possible). That night we’ll be heading over to Harold and Jean’s house for dinner. It’ll be fun to see how much Oliver has grown in the past two years!

Wednesday is another NYC day – we have tickets to see the matinee of “The Little Mermaid” and then hope that Ace/Anthony will meet us in the city for dinner and then going uptown to see some of the parade floats get blown up in advance of the huge Macy’s parade the following day.

Thanksgiving will obviously be at Denis’ mom’s place in Queens. We are thinking of TRYING to see the parade, but you never know. I’ve told Denis that that night after we’re done at his mom’s he should try to get together again with friends while I head back to the timeshare with the kids for the night. Then on Friday morning while I check out of the timeshare he can hop a train back to NJ where I’ll pick him up and we’ll immediately head down to Virginia for the night. Along the way I hope to stop and see Glad-ball and her family in Maryland since it’s on the way (maybe time it for an early dinner).

On Saturday my mom hopes that my grandmother can stop by the house so she can see us and the kids for a bit before we drive back to South Carolina. I’m grateful that we’re driving back on Saturday so we’ll have all day Sunday to just relax and recover. Then Monday morning I’ll pick up Cooper from the kennel and we’re back to our normally scheduled programming in preparation for the White Elephant party which is the following weekend.

WOW!!! From here on out the year gets crazy and hectic, doesn’t it?

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  1. Hey Tootsy – I’d love to have lunch with you and the young ‘uns! Finnian will be home though, unless I take him to work with me on that day (ummm …. NOT). Not sure what we are doing for TGiving, but I can only assume we will be local. Maybe we could meet up with you in Queens somewhere close to your MIL’s place on TG day, but I’d need to check with Sully on that first. We wouldn’t be going to check the parade out, maybe when the little guy is a few years older.

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