Thanks All!

Thanks go out to everyone for all the nice words in your recent posts and e-mails. It’s great to see that we have such great friends, many of whom we’ve never met!

I am exhausted. (Still working on one hour’s sleep from this morning.) Jaynee is exhausted. (Don’t think she got much more sleep than I have, plus she pushed for for over three hours. I only held her legs apart and pushed her chin to her chest.) CootieGirl is doing just fine. She eats, sleeps and poops. And cries to let you know she needs to one of the last three.

Actually, she only cried once, and that was because her feeding was late. Good to know she’ll let us know when she’s hungry. One cry down. Still trying to figure out the poop cry. I’m sure that’s a cry I will never learn to identify. Glad Jaynee will pick up on that one. I’ll take care of the “pump my nose” cry.

Jaynee’s mom and sister have been up here since midnight last night and have been great support for Jaynee and I, and are equally tired. Except for her mom, Marsha. She slept until one o’clock this afternoon.

I’ll be back at the hospital tomorrow morning. It’s great to see Jaynee and the baby the whole day. Only wish they could both be home right now. Only four more days and they’ll be home and we’ll be on our own. No owner’s manual. No guarantees. At least we’ll have my mother-in-law for a week or so.

Well, let me get something to eat and some much needed sleep. I’m tired of eating McDonald’s already and I’ve only had it once at the hospital. The hospital Jaynee’s at recently was voted number 13 in the country, but I know they weren’t voted that for the available restaurants on site.

I think I hear the dogs acting up again. Let me go downstairs and check it out.

BTW, CootieGirl is 18 hours, 15 minutes old right now. Almost time to celebrate her first birthday. That’s one day of birth, not a full year.

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  1. Hi birthday twin!!! Welcome to the family. As your cousins pointed out, “Mom, you’re just a bit older than CootieGirl”. Thanks boys! I love you too!!! So CootieGirl, where are we going to celebrate our birthday next year???

  2. In case, people are a little confused with this post, Andrea is my sister and yesterday was her birthday. The same day as O. Whoo Hoo!!! Makes it easier to remember both of them. Or forget them both if I know me. *lol*

    Hmmm….I have a feeling CootieGirl will be home enjoying chocolate cake next year this time. You are welcome to partake. Hope you and the gang can make it.

  3. Congrats on the little one.

    I don’t know if you have heard of this before, but there is a special kind of baby sign language you can teach them, before they can speak, so they can “tell” you if they want food or a poo or whatever.

    Not having a kid I haven’t tried it but if i ever have some i will. some links for more info are

  4. I don’t see us going to Chuckie Cheese, but you never know. We are so suburban these days. *lol* A house, a dog, now a baby. What’s next?

    Suzie, thanks for the signing info. I saw that on a baby program recently.

    I hear our dog stirring downstairs. I think I’m going to call it a night now.

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