Thank Heavens It’s a 2 1/2 Day Week!

I’m sad that Sunday is over. The only good news is that I only have to work 2 1/2 days this week. WOO HOOO!

Today I ran the video at church for the first time. My only error of the morning was during the first service – after a video played I forgot to bring the lights back up on the pastor so he could finish his announcements. Heh. But you can bet during the second (and more populated) service I remembered!!

Afterwards we took the kids to McDonald’s for a quick lunch and then came home for the afternoon. The kids pretty much played all afternoon, a mix of computer games and just plain running around. At some point I got really tired, and rather than sleep on the sofa I gave it some real commitment and went up to bed and took a good three-hour nap. It was HEAVENLY. To make it even better, when I got up it was time to put the kids to bed, so I’ve had a lovely quiet evening. Denis went over to a friend’s house to watch the Panthers/Giants game.

In other news, Denis and I are considering doing a refi on the house. The rates are just too good right now, and if it can save us a couple hundred bucks a month, it’s worth it. Especially when that money saved can be alloted to paying off more of our consumer debt. I was going to mention it to Denis last week, but figured he wasn’t interested. However, he brought it up tonight and in my head I thought, “Fabulous!” Tonight I went to and looked at the rates they can offer, and we’d potentially qualify for a 4.25% 30-year fixed. That’s….unbelievable. And potentially awesome.

I finished a book this weekend – one of Johnny Cash’s memoirs. It was interesting to read and wasn’t a typical “here are the facts” autobiography. I liked that. I’m a big fan of autobiographies, but sometimes they can be self-indulgent. This one was not, and made it all the better.

Today I went to Harris Teeter and did some minor shopping (spent $20 on $40 in groceries). I also picked up the fish tank that I bought from one of the mommies on my mommy forum. It’s a 10 gallon tank and needs some serious cleaning, but it’s gonna be awesome. I also talked with CootieBoy about the logistics of the tank, and he has requested that Santa bring the completed TANK and then CB and I can go out and get the fish together. I had kind of hoped CB would take me up on the other option – us just setting up the tank and having Santa bring the fish, but CB was insistent that he’d prefer to pick out the fish himself. At least, that’s how he felt tonight – it may change tomorrow. In any event, tomorrow morning I’ll bring in the tank stuff and begin cleaning it with an eye towards putting the tank in CB’s room while he sleeps on Christmas Eve so it’s there when he wakes up Christmas morning. That’ll be tricky since he’s not a super-deep sleeper like his sister, but I think it can be done (with Denis’ help – the completed tank is going to weigh about 90 pounds).

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