Testing of the Smilies

Okay, so I’m trying to get smilies on the website. This is my first initial test to see if they will work when I post. Here are a few I have added to the site:

:drool: :lh: 😎 😀 :ohmy: :pray:

:sing: :thud: :tmi: :eyebrow:

Okay, let’s see if they work.

Later: YAY! THEY WORK! Now I have to try and get them up for the comments as well. I have about 44 smilies loaded, so it may take me a while.

Laterer: Comments now have smilies. I’m SO 21st Century.

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  1. Now, do we really need these smiles on this site? This usually marks the begining of the end of a respectable site. Sorry Lenfindel, or whatever your name is Jen.

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