Ten Days of Silence…or Not

Wow…ten days since my last post. I go the first ten days in January writing almost every day, and the end of January avoiding the blog entirely.

Sometimes I think it’s time to shut ‘er down. Shut down all blogging. My site, the kids’ sites (as rarely as they get updated), the separate site I started last year. Just no more blogging, period. After all, I spend most of my time on Facebook nowadays anyway.

But then I think, “No, you’ve got YEARS invested here – lots of good memories! Keep going!” and I come back and post more mundane gibberish (oh to be witty like Fluid Pudding or chock-full of awesome information like Being Frugal).

News over the past few days:

1) I took a header at work today. CRASH LANDING. It happened so fast I didn’t think to “tuck and roll” so as not to injure myself, and landed solidly on my right knee. Some may recall I injured my left knee at the 5K I ran in October 2009, so now I’ve got a matching set. Nothing else was injured (well, there was my pride, of course, at having three of my seven bosses come running around the corner only to catch an eyeful of their admin on the ground, hindquarters up). Since I work in the healthcare industry now, their natural instincts kicked in and I was coddled and babied all the while protesting that it was actually my dignity that needed a cold pack.

2) Tonight we’re taking the kids to the Ringling Brothers Circus here in Charlotte. We got great seats, it’s opening night, and I think I’m more excited than the kids are (they’ll be more excited once we get there – I’m sure they are remembering the underwhelming circus we went to last year and presuming it’ll be more of the same even though I keep promising MORE! BETTER!).

3) My 90-day probationary period ends NEXT WEEK at my new job. Hard to believe. This morning I updated my resume to add the position at the top (you know, just in case they opt not to keep me after all despite the accolades I’ve received since arriving here).

4) My trip to Utah is in ONE MONTH! I can barely contain my excitement – I think about the trip all the time. I won’t lie when I say I’m looking forward to going to a place where I don’t have to socialize with people if I don’t want to. To be truly ALONE (provided a friend I’ve invited opts not to go – she’s still debating). And if my friend DOES decide to go, I think there will still be plenty of opportunities to enjoy QUIET and SOLITUDE (after all, I’ll be volunteering with animals – and they don’t talk that much for the most part). The animals I want to see the most? The Michael Vick dogs that are still there. It was their episode in 2009 that inspired me to take this trip in the first place. Some of those dogs are still there (and will be for the rest of their lives) and I’m hoping I’ll be able to see them.

That’s it in a nutshell. More later, I’m sure.

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  1. Don’t you dare close this blog down – I never EVER use Facebook and my only way to keep in contact, other than email, is through Cootiehog.
    Don’t dare.
    I’ve been a loyal reader and will be ever so upset if you shut up shop.
    You listening?!!!

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