Television: Trading Spouses & The Swan

Okay, so who saw “Trading Spouses” last night – the second half of the episodes with the cajun meat-loving mom and the vegan-freak mom? Okay, I have a HUGE bone to pick with Miss Hypocritcal Vegan and I loved that “TS” totally called her on many of her supposed “standards”.

  • She’s a hardcore vegan – even crying at vegan propaganda videos – but yet she will eat alligator meat because after all “it’s a reptile and not the same as another animal”.
  • When teaching Cajun son about grammar, she’s *positive* that the plural of monkey should be spelled monkies. Why not go for broke, lady, and claim it should be spelled monkees and that they fake playing their own instruments (which they didn’t by the way – but we won’t have that discussion today).
  • She claims one should eat vegan food because meat causes cancer and then gleefully sticks a cigarette in her mouth and takes a HUGE drag off it.
  • She claims that Cajun meat-eating mom is not a good mother and yet SHE’S the one who constantly cut off her own kids when they spoke or yelled at them for being hyper.
  • She will never again have the respect of her kids because she ate that alligator meat. As her husband said, “you think you know someone after eight years and she goes and does this…”

    On the other hand, the vegan kids loved Cajun mom despite her meat-loving ways.

    Vegan Mom may go down as the worst TS mom – even moreso than Hoity-Toity White mom with Japanese indentured servant/mother in law.

    And for those of you who watch “The Swan” (yes, I watch it. Shut up.) – weren’t you amazed by Delisa’s transformation? Usually the woman look very plastic because of all the surgery but if I saw her on the street I’d have no idea she had surgery. She looked GORGEOUS and I bet her husband regrets sending her those divorce papers now. Idiot.

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