Television: The Apprentice & Long Way Round


So how about The Donald firing two people last night? I wasn’t surprised that Maria got the boot (Maria being the woman I envision Angie at Fluid Pudding looks like). Maria was a complete bitca throughout the whole episode and Wes should have totally had her sit out the rest of the challenge. I wasn’t surprised that Wes got fired either – The Donald has to make this year’s boardrooms more exciting than last year, and what better way(!!!) than to fire two people at once! And remember when he fired someone before they even hit the boardroom? That one too (!!!).

In other TV news, last night I watched my Tivo’d episode of “Long Way Round” – and it was just as good as the other episodes. I wish it was longer than six episodes, especially considering the fact they condensed a 115-day trip into six hours. Surely a lot more fun stuff happened.

And side note: According to Tivo, “Lost” isn’t on through the end of November. Is that true?

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  1. By the way, you are way too kind. Way WAY too kind. (I haven’t seen the show this season, so I just pulled up the website to see Maria.) Um, way too kind.


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