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*sigh* I love “The Amazing Race” – it’s the best reality tv show out there. There’s a REASON it won “Best Reality Series” two years in a row. Good quality stuff. And hot Phil Keoghan doesn’t hurt.

I can’t wait to read Television Without Pity‘s take on the opening episode. I was about to commit harikari if I heard any single one of the contestants call their partners “baby/babe” one more time. Then I laughed when the Joe called Avi “babe” at the end of the episode. I hope he did that as a joke for those of us out there who were cringing everytime the other couples called each other babe (I should have counted, but it had to be at least 100 times in 2 hours that we heard that word).

Spoiler talk can be found in the extended entry.

My opinions on teams:

  • I hate Jonathan, but then the producers knew we would. He is the typical ugly American and I envision him screaming about broken oxen at some point this season.
  • I loved when Hayden and Aaron started talking about how rude the female wrestler was to his partner . When Aaron jokingly told Hayden to “keep driving, stupid” I laughed out loud. They are my picks to win. Although technically,
  • Joe and Avi were my original picks to win. Oh well. If they had done the ice climb they would have done much better, obviously.
  • Kudos to Team Geriatric for doing the ice climb. Mary Jean just kind of scrambled up that wall, didn’t she?
  • Poor Bolo. And while we’re at at…
  • Poor Adam’s hair.
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    1. Actually, Joe and Avi could have still been in it if they had thought things through. At the end, the father\daughter team was on the wrong side of that lake? and Joe and Avi didn’t believe them that it wasn’t the pit stop and looked around. They could have easily beat that old man in a foot race on the other side of the lake. They wasted time and subsequently lost.

      I almost feel bad for wishing testicular cancer on Johnathan for 2 straight hours…almost.

      I love this show

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