Television: Father of the Pride

I keep meaning to post this, but one of my new favorite shows is NBC’s animated “Father of the Pride”. Siegfried and Roy are hilarious and I laugh out loud whenever they are on the screen.

In particular, last week I laughed out loud at the storyline in which they were protesting the appearance of a non-neon bed & breakfast on the Vegas street. They had people with placards in front of the b&b and S&R were leading the protest to have the b&b removed. At one point, Roy shouts through a megaphone, “If we must have a hoedown, let it be a hooker that has stumbled in the street!” If I had been drinking from a glass, that water would have sprayed the room.

FotP is on my permanent Tivo list. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled anytime soon.

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  1. Father of the Pride:

    I haven’t heard of it getting the boot, but the numbers aren’t what they (the Network) wanted theme too be.

    However, I wasn’t a big fan of the show… but then you said you really liked it so I watched last weeks episode. I loved that “Donkey” was a guest star on the show. I too agree that S&R last week totally made the show. I even thought them taking over the 7-11 a few weeks back was a laugh riot. I guess its the Lion family that I really don’t like or understand.

    I don’t know how many episodes they have put together for this season, but I will continue to watch.

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