Telemarketer Calls at WORK?

Okay, so for the second day in a row I’ve gotten a call from a telemarketer here at my desk. The first came from a catalog that I have ordered from, but I severely doubt I put down my work number. I told the woman in no uncertain terms that if I got a call again from them I’d be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

Today I got a different kind of call. It’s a call that’s been coming in at our front desk for about a month now. Apparently the service has decided to move on to the other numbers in our company.

My phone rings. “Hello?” I ask.

“Hello!” chimes the automated chirpy voice. “My name is Steve and I have some exciting news for you if you are a homeowner!”


The problem is that this marketing call came into the front desk every thirty minutes for a week before petering out to about six times a day for a few weeks. It was annoying and disruptive. It had better not start doing that here at my desk or SOMEONE’S gonna get beat down. I have no problem listening to the entire automated message, writing down the company name and then reporting someone. Okay, well I do have one problem – I’m intrinsically lazy and in most respects it’s easier for me to come here and complain than to actually root out the company information and then go through the rigamarole of reporting them. But the angry intent is there.

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  1. I’m afraid, writing down the names and reporting the companies is not going to do much good. I got one of those automated calls at work this week too. This was the first time and it came in through our reception desk, I think. Weird. I don’t get enough spam during the day I have to get annoyed on the phone as well. The price we pay for freedom and living in a capitalistic society.

    Did one guy buy something once from a telemarketer so now everyone thinks they can make a buck randomnly dailing people’s home phone numbers and shilling? Who buys stuff over the phone from strangers?

  2. You know, I haven’t gotten a single telemarketer at home in about a year. I can’t explain it, but my phone almost never rings. It’s nice. *smug smirk*

  3. First, I would like to state that is was not me that called.

    Second, I would like to state that it is not me that they are talking about on the news re: anthrax.

    Third, I always wanted to know how to spell riagmarole and now I know how.

    Thanks Jaynee!

  4. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Steve, but I believe you STILL don’t know how to spell rigamarole. *lol* =)

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