Technology Is So Pretty

So our Vonage account is officially active and for the past 30 minutes Denis and I have been playing with it. It is VERY cool.

1. We have the voicemail set up and did a practice message, which I was able to listen to from
2. I have it set up so that when the phone rings at home it will also ring on my cellphone so I have the option of answering from either phone, depending on where I am. Denis can do this for his cellphone as well.
3. 911 has been activated.
4. I can see every single call that comes into our house from the website – with caller ID.

I’m gonna LOVE Vonage. I can tell already. Technology is cool, yo.

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  1. Hi Jaynee,

    In light of your latest CNN re-run I was wondering if you would contact me to discuss a piece I am currently writing about blogging in Essex County.

    Stuart Youngs

  2. I am still leary of Vonage. The company states a price of $25 per month. But how much is it really after all taxes and all other junk come into play?

  3. Edward – I seem to recall that there isn’t much more to the $24 monthly fee for the very fact that it’s done via the internet as opposed to land lines. I’ll let you know when the first official bill comes due.

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