Tea! And Flash Cards!

I received a small box from my mother today and imagine my surprise when I found not just the flashcard I had asked for but five packages of tea!

Gotta love freebies!

I immediately made a cup of the Blueberry Bang Rooibos, and I have to admit that it tasted really really good. Who would have ever thought I would say that?

So now I get to try and set up my Dell Axim and my Nokia 3650 phone to hook up via Bluetooth so that I can use my unlimited web access on my phone to post to Cootiehog via my PDA. Sounds complicated, but if I can get it to work then I’ll be loving life!

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  1. … and J forgot to mention that EVERYONE was raving about the fabulous aroma of the tea from Mom.

    p.s.I love the new packaging Marsha – Beautiful !!

  2. You have to let me know if that bluetooth lets you surf the web. If so, I’ll be getting one so I can share the MLS with my clients when I’m out in the field. Hope it works. And I’m glad you enjoyed the tea. I never tought I’d hear you say those words. What’s next? “I enjoyed that hazelnut coffee so much. Delish!”

  3. No new packaging – Mary had never seen the blue bags before – she had only seen the clear plastic “sample” bags that Mom sent my samples in.

  4. Jaynee, feel free to put the word out at work that they can peruse the “Product List” on the website to put together an order if they would like. 😉