Tats for Kids

A friend at work just sent this to me. At first I thought it was a joke, but now I don’t think so. This tattoo parlor will ink kids. I’m not sure how young they will go, but the title of the web site isn’t encouraging.


Can you imagine getting a Tigger tattoo on your one-year-old’s butt and then when he’s 30 he has to explain to his bride what a spotty image of a Pooh character is doing on his butt?


A follow up. Their FAQ says they take kids as young as six months. And here is what they have to say about that Tigger tattoo:

” In the case of more detailed pictures with color and shading, the coloring will stretch and the tattoo will need a quick and affordable “update” about every four years until full grown.”

Yeah, my kid loved the pain of the tattoo so much the first time, let’s keep sticking him with needles until he’s 20.

Okay parents, let’s hear how old your kids are with tattoos. Watch this is going to be the next “Clay Aiken” comment-fest.

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  1. Yes, because I’m sure little Suzie is going to still love Strawberry Shortcake when she’s 15. Honestly, when I was 15 I was mortified by the clothes my mother bought to dress me when I was a kid. I can’t imagine how pissed I’d be if my mother had tattooed me with her tastes.

  2. I saw a 8 year old kid getting an eyebrow ring once and I thought that was pretty bad, but at least she could take that out when she got bored with it. This is just terrible, they also suggest getting the parents names put on the kid, how bad would it be getting that done and having to explain it wasn’t an old gf it is your mum. How mummys boy would that make you look.

  3. This is pretty ridiculous. What parent would allow this? Hey you have to be at least 15 or 16 until you start messing up your life, until then I’ll do it for you, thank you. And I am not going to put a tattoo of Big Bird on your butt.

  4. i work in a respectable tattoo parlor and deal with alot of under age kids wanting to get tattoos before the propper age and these kids i mean babys dissust me they have no clue what they want . kids getting tattoos is a spit in the face to the industry and tradition of this art. i wish the artist doing this will die a slow painful aids ridden death and burn in hell.fuck you ,you son of a bitch and pray to god i never meet you you sick fuck DBC

  5. i once believed that kids shouldnt be tattooed,untill i had one my self now i tattoo my kid (3 months old) she has the coolest tattoo of thomas the tank engine on her chest and full rainbow brite sleeves, the best part is the stencil for her whole sleeve is able to be drawn on one single 8×12 peice of paper ONE PEICE!! its unbeilevable. mayby some day i’ll tattoo her face she will be the coolest kid in 1st grade,im waiting a little time for the face 4 year olds dont wiggle in the chair as much
    kids+tattoos=rad……..words to live by.

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